HSBC UK issues urgent fraud warning against dummy apps 

HSBC UK issues urgent fraud warning against dummy apps 

The warning comes as the bank has seen a spike in the number of cases, with dozens of customers downloading a dummy app within the last couple of weeks. One of these fake apps is called ‘PDF AI’ which impersonates a genuine app with a similar name. 

The dummy apps ask for personal information like usernames or credit card details which could then be used by criminals to try and steal your money. These apps may also block, redirect or impersonate legitimate apps including legitimate banking app or may be designed to trick users into thinking they are logging on to their banking app. 

HSBC UK has placed the warning on the ‘Latest Scams’ page on its website in addition to a push notification on its Fraud and CyberAwareness App. Downloading fake or fraudulent apps exposes devices to malware, adware, phishing, social engineering and fake promotions, ultimately opening consumers up to becoming victims of scams and losing significant amounts of money. 

David Callington, HSBC UK’s Head of Fraud, said: “Scammers are devious criminals who use every trick in the book to get hold of your hard-earned money, without any regard for your financial or mental wellbeing. Cybercriminals develop apps which encourage the user to share personal information, which can then be harvested and used for criminal purposes, potentially leading to your bank account being cleaned out.” 

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