Matalan launches groundbreaking GenAI tool to drive online sales in UK first 

Matalan launches groundbreaking GenAI tool to drive online sales in UK first 

Kin + Carta has created a Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) tool for UK retailer Matalan, which allows it to create detailed product descriptions for new items as they are added to its online inventory. 

Developed and delivered in only three weeks from the original brief, Kin + Carta built a Generative AI solution that can create product descriptions using product metadata and imagery for Matalan’s full product range. These product descriptions aid the retailer to improve SEO and conversion rates and create rich, accurate product descriptions with an absolute minimum of data input. 

Using Generative AI, Matalan can now employ a new style of description that is longer, more emotive and contains added value. The bespoke model is also configured to read product imagery, picking out details from any photo images to include in the description. 

The descriptions are overseen by a copywriter team to ensure accuracy – and the tool can write a hundred descriptions in 30 minutes vs the maximum of a hundred descriptions a day from Matalan copywriters. The tool was built utilising Vertex AI, part of the Google Cloud suite. 

Ewan Nicolson, Director of AI & Data at Kin + Carta, said: “This new tool is using Generative AI to increase operational efficiency in Matalan’s in-house copywriting team and vastly multiply the number of detailed product descriptions Matalan can post on to its e-commerce site every day.” 

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