Fuse Financial Technologies: Revolutionising MENA payments for global enterprises

Fuse Financial Technologies: Revolutionising MENA payments for global enterprises

Fuse Financial Technologies (Fuse), a pioneering Dubai-based payments company, is revolutionising the landscape of financial infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Specialising in supporting global payments, e-commerce and platform businesses, Fuse provides a seamless solution for companies venturing into the dynamic MENA market to make sending and receiving payments to the region a breeze.

The importance of cross-border payments in the MENA region is evident with the UAE and Saudi Arabia being two of the world’s three largest remittance corridors; these two nations handed US$78 billion in payments in 2020, equivalent to seven percent of the GDP of these two nations combined.

Recognising the critical need for a unified interface for global companies entering MENA, Fuse has stepped in to enhance financial infrastructure, bridging the gap between global connectivity and local specificity.

George Davis, the Founder and CEO of Fuse

Established in January 2023, Fuse has garnered substantial financial backing from renowned investors including The Raba Partnership, Accel and Sequoia Capital, enabling it to unlock the vast potential of the MENA region for global enterprises.

Fuse offers a single interface solution that simplifies the complexities of MENA payments, eliminating the need for local teams, entities or licences. Through API integration and a consolidated account system, businesses can seamlessly send and receive payments across local payment schemes, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

George Davis, the Founder and CEO of Fuse, said: “Global companies are eager to tap into the MENA market, but navigating the intricacies of local currencies, payments and compliance can be daunting. That’s why, we at Fuse, are on a mission to make payments accessible for businesses expanding into MENA by providing a comprehensive financial infrastructure that streamlines the process and fosters growth.”

With its unparalleled global reach and deep-rooted local expertise, Fuse is empowering businesses to thrive in the MENA region, driving innovation and facilitating economic growth.

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