Immutable launches the largest ever Web3 gaming rewards programme

Immutable launches the largest ever Web3 gaming rewards programme

Immutable, the leading web3 gaming platform and ecosystem, has announced the launch of ‘The Main Quest’, the largest ever web3 gaming quest and rewards programme. With up to US$50 million in token rewards already secured for players and more to be announced; the Immutable Ecosystem Rewards programme, launched in partnership with Digital Worlds Foundation, offers substantial incentives for exploring games in the expansive Immutable ecosystem which boasts more than 270 titles currently in development.

Players can get rewards immediately by exploring quests, playing games and owning collections on Immutable. Some of the most highly anticipated web3 games, including Pixelmon, Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, Space Nation and MetalCore have signed on to become the first 10 projects to be featured in the current phase of The Main Quest. Future titles and rewards are already earmarked for the next phase of the growing programme.

“This is single-handedly the largest rewards programme in web3 gaming. With The Main Quest, we are showing players what they can expect when we talk about the real benefits of digital ownership,” said Immutable President and Co-founder, Robbie Ferguson. “We are excited to launch this first leg with some of the most anticipated projects in web3 gaming, and as more of our 300+ signed games go to market, the opportunities for players to be rewarded by the Immutable ecosystem will grow exponentially. Web3 gaming is here – and this is just the start.”

Bonus incentives and rewards, like game tokens and NFTs that can be used in-game, will also be distributed after completing special quests – offering players who engage with some of the most popular Immutable ecosystem titles and applications maximum value for their achievements.

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