Chime starts offering in-app tax filing

Chime starts offering in-app tax filing

Just in time for tax season, Chime is offering its in-app tax filing pilot program for free to even more members.  After early success with the pilot launch, the all-new tax feature is now available to millions more Chime members, showing members are eager for a seamless tax filing option that is truly free. 

Directly through the Chime app, members can file both state and federal taxes completely free with a maximum refund guaranteed. Eligible members will receive an in-app notification to let them know they’re eligible to use the tax filing experience as a part of the pilot. 

To offer this new feature, Chime partnered with Column Tax and april, registered tax e-file providers, to provide eligible members with the opportunity to file their personal state and federal tax returns directly through the Chime app. 

Prepare and file their taxes directly in the app 

For members with access to the feature, filing can be done in just a few clicks, right from their Chime app home screen. 

File their taxes for free 

Filing taxes through Chime is truly free. There are no surprise costs, and no upsell depending on your tax situation.  

File their taxes within minutes 

It’s fast. Members can prepare and file their personal return through Chime’s app in minutes. 

Get their maximum refund 

Members using Chime’s in-app tax feature are guaranteed their maximum possible refund. Max refund guarantee provided by Column Tax or april. 

Get their federal tax refund up to six days early 

If a member decides to direct deposit with Chime, they can get their federal tax refund up to six days early. So far this tax year, Chime has already made more than US$5 billion in tax refunds available to our members up to six days early. 

Madhu Muthukumar, Chief Product Officer “Many companies make it feel like their tax filing product is free, but everyday people end up facing a ton of hidden fees — we heard from our members that many of them were even paying US$70 or more to file their taxes. At Chime, we believe that everyone should have access to the very best financial services. Offering a free and convenient way for our members to file their taxes is just one of the many ways to have our members’ backs.” 

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