BillingPlatform forms an alliance with J.P. Morgan Payments on its secure cloud platform 

BillingPlatform forms an alliance with J.P. Morgan Payments on its secure cloud platform 

BillingPlatform, the enterprise revenue lifecycle management platform for today’s innovative business models, has announced a strategic partnership with J.P. Morgan Payments to support billing needs across its business units. 

BillingPlatform’s solution has been integrated within J.P. Morgan’s ecosystem to more efficiently service J.P. Morgan’s Treasury Services and Trade Finance businesses. As part of J.P. Morgan’s broader billing and pricing transformation, the integrated solution aims to expand billing capabilities, as well as meet increasing market needs. Key benefits of this implementation include enabling flexible billing configurations, workflow automation and strategic integrations to achieve end-to-end processing. 

“Our partnership with BillingPlatform provides us with a configurable solution that fits into our broader revenue lifecycle ecosystem to help us meet our complex billing needs, initially for our Treasury Services and Trade Finance business,” said Jill Jensen, Managing Director of J.P. Morgan Payments Technology. “BillingPlatform will be an integral part of our transformation to streamline the customer experience. “ 

BillingPlatform serves global customers across multiple industries, including software, finance, media and entertainment, and communications. BillingPlatform is recognised as the market leader by Forrester Research and enables enterprises to monetise any type of product offering, from simple subscriptions to sophisticated usage-based pricing models and everything in between. 

BillingPlatform provides full lifecycle support of the monetisation process – from product setup, quoting, billing and invoicing and revenue recognition, through payment and collections – all on a secure, next-generation cloud platform. The unparalleled flexibility of the platform puts enterprises in control of how they differentiate in the market, maximise profitability, reduce operational costs and improve the customer experience. 

“This partnership with J.P. Morgan further validates our commitment to support enterprise complexity and security,” added Dennis Wall, CEO of BillingPlatform. “Whether it is through system consolidation, process automation or accelerating the rollout of new products and services to drive revenue, we are excited to support J.P. Morgan in creating a frictionless journey for their customers. The J.P. Morgan agreement signals we have built a solution with unique digital transformation value to enterprises of all sizes.” 

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