Pioneering Saudi Arabia’s licensed Blockchain revolution 

Pioneering Saudi Arabia’s licensed Blockchain revolution 

Beyond Imagination Technologies (BIT) announced its strategic expansion into the Middle East region with the partnership with software company Aba’ad Alkhayal in Saudi Arabia.  

The Middle East has emerged as a significant hub for technological advancements, and BitMemoir recognises the tremendous potential this region holds for Blockchain solutions. By establishing a stronger presence in the Middle East, BitMemoir aims to contribute to the digital transformation and economic growth of the region. 

Beyond Imagination Technologies will provide its flagship solution BitMemoir to Aba’ad Alkhayal, which will help clients with digital certifications. Users can convert personal identifiers, property documents, and other sensitive materials into digital certificates, or NFTs, and store them in their own wallets. By utilising Blockchain technology, BitMemoir enables users to own their personal documents in perpetuity. 

BitMemoir’s innovative Blockchain technology offers a wide array of solutions, including decentralised applications, smart contracts, and secure data management systems. The company’s mission is to empower businesses and individuals with seamless and transparent Blockchain solutions that drive efficiency, security, and trust in transactions. 

“We are excited to bring our cutting-edge Blockchain solution to the Middle East, “said Mr Nikhil Goyal, Co-founder – Technology, Aba’ad Alkhayal. “Our expansion into this dynamic region marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionise industries and empower businesses with the potential of Blockchain technology. We firmly believe that Blockchain has the power to reshape the future, and we are committed to being at the forefront of this transformation.” 

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey, committed to reshaping the future of technology,” added Princess Hesah Al Saud, Co-founder, Aba’ad Alkhayal. “With this partnership, we envision a future where we harness the power of Blockchain to unlock the full potential of our economy. This new beginning will pave the way for digital transformation, creating countless employment opportunities for our citizens and empowering our students with the knowledge and skills needed to embrace this digital revolution. Thus, we aim to drive positive social impact and create a better tomorrow in Saudi Arabia through technology.” 

Beyond Imagination Technologies’ expansion into the Middle East region will open doors to new partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities across sectors such as education finance, supply chain, healthcare, real estate, and more and anyone looking for safe and secure storage of documents over Blockchain. By leveraging Blockchain’s inherent features of immutability, transparency, and security, BitMemoir aims to provide solutions that tackle industry challenges and optimise business processes. 

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