Commercial Bank of Dubai deploys Freshworks to enhance customer service digitisation 

Commercial Bank of Dubai deploys Freshworks to enhance customer service digitisation 

Freshworks, a cloud-based customer service software company and the Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), a prominent banking institution in the UAE, have elevated its customer service operations through the implementation of Freshdesk. By utilising Freshworks’ software for customer experience, CBD has digitised and automated key processes, leading to a 50% reduction in customer support resolution time. 

CBD is amongst the largest banks in the UAE and has a reputation for offering innovative digital banking solutions. With high-value transactions amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, CBD’s customer service function is pivotal for its success. Recognising the significance of providing superior customer experiences, CBD invested in Freshdesk – Freshworks’ flagship customer support software. 

“At CBD, we are continually working on enhancing our customer service to offer a seamless banking experience to our customers. Our partnership with Freshworks utilises digital platforms to provide high-class and personalised customer service to our Corporate Customers. We are delighted to announce that Freshworks has significantly enhanced our customer service team’s efficiency, reducing our resolution times by nearly half,” said Anurag Saigal, Head of Investment and Transaction Banking at Commercial Bank of Dubai. 

CBD has deployed over 60 automations that enhance the productivity and effectiveness of its customer service team. By leveraging Freshdesk, CBD has enabled its customers to self-serve for basic queries such as login issues or forgotten pins. This approach has reduced the average number of tickets received by agents per month by 28%, further demonstrating Freshdesk’s positive impact. 

The financial services sector demands high standards of data security, a requirement supported by Freshworks Marketplace app integrations. CBD uses Masking to ensure customer protection and compliance, along with credit card integration to adhere to Central Bank guidelines. 

“Freshdesk has provided us with the flexibility to fulfil any requirement without limitations and ensures rapid solution deployment,” said Ben Crampton, Client Excellence & Service Delivery at CBD. 

“The Commercial Bank of Dubai is at the forefront of digital innovation in the banking sector, and we’re pleased to provide them with the technology necessary to deliver delightful customer experiences every day,” added Pradeep Rathinam, Chief Revenue Officer at Freshworks. 

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