Mozn recognised as one of the world’s top FinTechs for 2023 

Mozn recognised as one of the world’s top FinTechs for 2023 

Saudi Arabia’s Mozn, an enterprise focused on Artificial Intelligence technologies, has announced that it has been recognised as one of the Top 200 FinTech Companies globally and one of the Top 25 in the “Digital Business Solutions” category by leading statistics firm Statista. Mozn’s Flagship product FOCAL is an AI-powered risk and compliance platform being adopted by financial institutions including banks, insurers and fintech’s across emerging markets.  

The “World’s Top FinTechs 2023” list presents an in-depth analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) across nine distinct market segments. The comprehensive assessment examined more than 1,500 companies from March to May 2023. Each company’s evaluation was based on a multi-level KPI research approach, which gave 40% weight to overarching KPIs and 60% weight to segment specific KPIs like digital payments, neo banking, alternate financing, digital wealth management, digital financial planning etc, to derive the final score. 

FOCAL by Mozn works in identifying, measuring and mitigating risk, preventing fraud and ensuring AML and KYC/KYB compliance on an international scale, aiming to empower clients to improve efficiency, customer experience and achieve compliance whilst taking a risk-based approach. 

Dr. Mohammed Alhussein, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Mozn said: “This esteemed recognition is not just an accolade, but a testament to our unyielding commitment to driving financial security and compliance through AI technology in alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030. It further fuels our inspiration and resolve to continually raise the bar, innovate and make significant strides in our mission to redefine financial safety and integrity.” 

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