Beosin and HashKey Group advance virtual asset security practices within ecosystem

Beosin and HashKey Group advance virtual asset security practices within ecosystem

Beosin, a blockchain security company, and HashKey Group, a virtual asset financial services organisation, have entered a strategic partnership. Both firms will cooperate closely in various areas of virtual assets including ecosystem security, anti-money laundering and cutting-edge security technology research. Both sides will also jointly develop comprehensive security standards and solutions to contribute to the continued growth of Web3 ecological compliance and regulatory innovation.

Through this partnership, Beosin and HashKey Group will jointly promote compliance and regulatory innovation in the Web 3.0 ecosystem, with the aim of addressing numerous compliance and security issues that have troubled the blockchain and virtual assets practitioners. Both companies will also collectively provide comprehensive, secure and reliable blockchain products and services to further promote the development and proper use cases of blockchain technology.

Tommy Deng, Managing Director of Beosin, said: “As a leading global blockchain security company, Beosin, in addition to code security audit, project monitoring and alerting and virtual asset recovery, will also provide a ‘one-stop’ blockchain security products, enabling global regulatory technology to ensure Web 3.0 ecosystem security and compliance in every region.”

HashKey Group has long been committed to providing its ecosystem partners, clients and stakeholders with regulatory-compliant and secure virtual asset products and services as part of its mission to build an inclusive and fully compliant virtual asset ecosystem. Beosin will combine its years of technical capabilities in serving top global brands to provide HashKey Group with KYT/AML and other technical support and also provide HashKey Group’s Web 3.0 clients with additional security solutions on top of security auditing and security monitoring.

Beosin KYT – an effective intelligent analysis engine that relies on Machine Learning and deep learning technology – leverages Beosin Trace’s database, which can check various transaction patterns and track hundreds of risk indicators. The KYT system monitors the movement of designated accounts in real-time, acquires the latest transaction information of the monitored accounts in the first instance, detects high-risk transactions and notifies users straight away.

Jeff Lu, Chief Technology Officer of HashKey Group, added: “We believe that technology, security and compliance are the cornerstones of a thriving virtual asset economy. As a prominent market leader, HashKey Group is committed to promoting collaborations and adopting cutting-edge security technologies and best practices to drive Digital Transformation and advance the Web 3.0 ecosystem.”

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