Synechron completes integration of payments services and solutions provider Attra

Synechron completes integration of payments services and solutions provider Attra

Synechron, a leading global Digital Transformation consulting firm, has announced that it has now fully integrated its subsidiary, Attra, a payments technology services and solutions provider headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, into the larger Synechron brand.

Attra, which Synechron acquired in December 2020, is now Synechron Payments and serves as Synechron’s most recent business domain.

Prasad Guntupalli, formerly Co-Founder and Executive Deputy Chairman of Attra, will continue in his role as head of Synechron Payments and has assumed the title of Managing Director. Since its acquisition, Attra has benefitted from combined synergies with Synechron and achieved 62% growth as a company.

Attra’s team of over 2,500 payments technology experts, working across the banking and finance space, will continue to provide best-in-class services across the payments value chain. Synechron Payments will offer expert consulting, software lifecycle, application development and maintenance and quality engineering services to clients worldwide. This capability will be available across all Synechron business centres globally.

Now that this integration is complete, the Attra brand name will be retired. All business operations, practices, offices, employees and client commitments have been fully transitioned, becoming a vital part of Synechron’s global business operations. Attra’s clients will continue to work seamlessly with its existing teams, as all current Attra’s contracts with clients will be assumed by Synechron.

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